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My mission is educating and encouraging healthy, holistic living to help people who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. 


My dad and I

My Passion

Holistic health has always been a passion of mine. Early on in life I found Dr. Andrew Weil as a fascinating pioneer in holistic healthcare. I subscribed to his newsletter and I would read it from start to finish implementing so many of his ideas, and noticing such positive results. Dr. Weil introduced me to the power of a healthy lifestyle, supplementation, and so much more!

I am the youngest of four siblings in our family, and my dad and I had such a wonderful father-daughter relationship. I wanted the best for my dad, and now I want the best for you! My Holistic Individual Parkinson Program, (HIPP) is personal for me.

My Dad

Not long after my dad retired, he was diagnosed with Parkinson's, and subsequently with Diffuse Lewy Body Disease as well. It took our family a while to get his specific diagnosis right. We must have taken my dad to a dozen neurologists, surgeons, and specialists in the traditional healthcare system. This was several years before the field of Functional Medicine was formed. I was going to be the daughter to heal my dad of his culmination of symptoms that we call Parkinson’s.

My Dad was willing to see all the specialists, and try different pharmaceuticals that were touted as the “gold standard” in traditional Parkinson care. However, he became weaker and suffered unrelenting nausea until we minimized his medication. We knew we had to try other avenues to help create a better quality of life. We started focusing on holistic health and lifestyle. We hired a personal trainer for my dad at our local community center and we saw wonderful results in his moving and walking. He also said that he felt stronger. Additionally, he went to acupuncture and we saw wonderful results with that as well, especially for his nausea from his Parkinson medication. 


A few years later his symptoms progressed, and he was told he was not a candidate for deep brain stimulation. However, I am so grateful today there are so many more holistic treatment options available which garner greater success in helping to reverse Parkinson symptoms.


At the end, my dad was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and lung cancer. After my dad passed, I knew I could not stop helping people with Parkinson’s, and I know this is part of my calling in life. I have so much care and knowledge I need to continue to share, and so much to help educate people through my personal journey with my dad and Parkinson’s.

I Believe

I believe there is a gap in Parkinson care. I hope to fill this gap greatly and in a holistic way.


I believe that much of Parkinson care is antiquated. Now is the time to have our voices be heard and move into a new age of transforming Parkinson’s.

I believe I can help you and your family. I hope you join me on this Parkinson wellness journey, as I help guide you in your shift into a positive direction.

I believe all of this life experience and education brings me here to you, to be of service through health and lifestyle coaching in my Holistic Individual Parkinson Program, (HIPP).

I am passionate about what I do, and I am committed to helping you!

Let’s Learn More Together
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Please be sure to frequent my website as well!

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